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The living room is the space of the house where the family gets together at the end of the day to share moments of relax. The lounge is also the room where you receive guests for casual evenings or for more formal occasions as a business meeting.

The lounge is therefore an environment that needs to be comfortable and refined at the same time, welcoming and warm but also stylish.

If the protagonist of the living room is the sofa, the coffee table is often the focal point.

The coffee table is a multifunction furniture: it holds keep books and magazines for relaxing reading breaks, tablets and PCs for when you bring work home, it is a base to serve drinks before a lunch or dinner or tea and pastries for a cozy family evening.

The Italian furniture company Meridiani offers a wide selection of coffee tables in elegant style and contemporary design.

Here is a selection of the best coffee tables by Meridiani.

Belt Coffee Table


Sumo Coffee Table


Bloom Coffee Table


Miller Coffee Table


Gong Coffee Table


Bongo Coffee Table


Douglas Coffee Table


Cross Coffee Table


McQueen Coffee Table


Clooney Coffee Table


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