Mobile apps are very useful when it comes to decorating a new apartment or renovating a home. These applications, in fact, allow with a few simple “taps” to turn a common person into a talented interior designer.
There are many interior design apps but these four are unmissable. Ready to download?


It is the most popular furnishing app, with very nice graphics and a user-friendly interface. It allows to realize real rendering (extremely lifelike photographs of the rooms) thanks to the 3D models available. Homestyler also allows you to connect to your friends, see the projects of others and comment on them. It is available for both iOS and Android.



Houzz is a famous site of interior design, full of news, tips and beautiful photographs. The mobile application allows you to create a virtual bulletin board to save and share ideas, photos and inspirations. Available both on Google Play that the Apple Store.


My Pantone

This app comes to help when it comes to having to choose the color of furniture finishings or walls. My Pantone allows you to take a picture and indicate what is the Pantone color tone that is closest to the object photographed. This app also allows you to share photos and ideas with your contacts. Available for iOS and Android.


Mark on Call

Mark on Call is a space planner. By including measures of the room or the whole house, it allows you to process with great accuracy a furniture project. The application also allows you to create lists of objects and furniture, to save projects and collaborate on projects of your contacts. Only available for iOS.


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