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Bags, shoes and clothes, but also outfits for the office and small accessories: how to store everything in an orderly and functional way, allowing you to retrieve your clothes as simply and quickly as possible? Often a simple closet provides a too small space to organize your belongings in a rational way and to keep them in order. The best solution is to create a walk-in closet in the bedroom; if this is not possible, a storage room can be turned into a dressing room. There are many solutions and you don’t always need a very large space, a walk-in closet can also be designed in a small room. Here is a small guide with useful tips to create a custom walk-in closet.

1. Measure it

Carefully evaluate the space available. If you plan to create a walk-in closet in the bedroom, the best option is to make space behind the headboard or at the side of the bed. However, if you live in a studio apartment, the ideal is to exploit the space behind the couch. A solution that responds well to all needs is to exploit the height of the room with shelves and hangers.


2. Organize it

The key to a well-organized closet are internal accessories. If you have enough space, you can insert a wooden shelf, place baskets laundry and clothes rails, so you can organize not only clothing but also shoes, bags and small accessories in the best way. Useful tip: regarding necklaces, watches and small gems, use trays or boxes with labels, to have everything at hand.


3. Hide it

To close your new wardrobe, you can choose between different closures. Also in this case, we must evaluate the available space. If you decided to get a walk-in closet in a room large enough, you can make use of plasterboard, to be mounted on the guide rails and use as safe closure and elegant. This solution offers the utmost discretion, since the cabinet fits perfectly with the walls of the room and that the content is hidden.


4. Pimp it out

Choose accessories that help you organize your clothes and accessories at best. If your closet is long and narrow, choose rails or shelves. If, on the contrary, the closet is squared, opt for drawers and multipurpose tables.

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5. Make the most out of your space

In small houses, finding space suited to a walk-in closet is not simple. A good idea would be to use the space of a corridor or a hallway to create a small walk-in closet. Just close the free space with a tent and set of clubs to hang jackets and sweaters.


Custom Walk-in Closet

FAG Fabbrica Armadi Guardaroba designs and builds custom furniture such as wardrobes, walk-in closets and wall panels, complete with all the accessories such as interior shelves, drawers, tie racks, trouser hangers. The furniture and interior accessories by FAG are made with materials of high quality, home-delivered and assembled by skilled carpenters.

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