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Henge is a journey in tradition and high quality craftsmanship, a journey blending material, design and shape giving life to true and proper work of arts (for more information http://bit.ly/2BVLWSK).

The uniqueness of each piece, entirely made in Italy, stands out from mass production and man and nature are placed at the core through the skill of its artisans. Traditional material such as wood, stone, metal, leather and fabric are enriched with exceptional elements like decorated lava following Sicilian tradition, glass and stoneware. Moreover, thanks to the quality of the manufacturing processes selected, refined details are highlighted, expressions of the most sophisticated made in Italy design.

7 Via della Spiga 2017, Milano – Credit Photo : Andrea Pancino

Henge was born in 2007 but its true turning point was in 2011, when the architect Massimo Castagna became the company’s art director and designer, with him Henge took off presenting a collection with an international touch.

The collection

The Henge furniture collection includes sofas, seats, storage units, tables and coffee tables. But the real treasure of the company is represented by its lights. A collection born to thrill starting from the vision of the light as an element which defines the space, on a par with every other material. In particular, the Light Ring series manages to dazzle more than any other due to its strong impact and harmony of its many compositions available.

7 Via della Spiga 2016, Milano

Light Ring

Concentric circles develop vertically in a dance of dimensions and light: this is Light Ring, the most popular light of the Henge collection (for more information http://bit.ly/2FEnC7C).

Light Ring consists of alternated rings of LED lighting climbing up, down or without illumination. The compositions go from a minimum of 3 rings up until a maximum of 12 rings and all lights are dimmable in series. Also the “Full led” version is available for some compositions where all elements are illuminated.

Light Ring Horizontal

Here the concept of the Light Ring develops horizontally. Single rings of different sizes and finishing can be placed side by side thus creating infinitive compositions that stretch endlessly into space (for more information http://bit.ly/2CrVYfx).

This time the LED lights face downwards. Each ring can be turned on singularly or, on request, a single adaptor separate from the lights is available which controls simultaneous activation. In this case, according to the type of ceiling (inspectionable, partially inspectionable, non- inspectionable), different types of adaptor fastenings and positioning are proposed. The smallest ring has a diameter of 40cm and the biggest 180cm. On request also dimmable elements are available.

Light Ring Horizontal Polygonal

The Light Ring Polygonal (for more information http://bit.ly/2FbDy3K) was created for those who prefer more dynamic and asymmetric shapes to that of a perfect circle. The basic idea is the same as the Horizontal Light Ring but its rings are shaped into pentagonal or hexagonal forms yet still remain soft and irregular.

In this case, the choice of sizes is even wider: it goes from the smallest ring with a diameter of 50cm up until the largest of 3 meters.

All lights in the Light Ring collection can be made in burnished brass, black burnished steel, H-Silver®, 99.9% silver (pure) on brass or black burnished brass.

Planning with Henge

Henge is a company with great flexibility in developing tailor-made projects, adapting products to the need of a specific space. With this spirit a fascinating project was created for the villa of one of our customers in Miami. The area in question was the entrance hall: the Light Ring Horizontal system immediately seemed to be the ideal solution to enrich and illuminate the space of the grand staircase.

The composition

The enormous vitality of the composition is striking: from the staircase where the entire light can be admired, taking in every detail and angle. In this way the design is no longer a static element to be seen at first glance but a journey of discovery and contemplation.

The material selected was Henge’s best seller: burnished brass. A material moulded in the expert hands of artisans who succeed in lending luminosity and warmth to the whole composition.

Four Ø60cm rings, three Ø70cm and three Ø100cm were used, all having dimmer option. A separate transformer was added in order to allow all elements to be synchronically switched on. As the ceiling was non-inspectionable, a suitable type of fastening was chosen which consisted of 9cm rosettes for the electrical wiring and standard fastenings for wiring support. Thanks to the specific kit supplied by Henge it was possible to render the EC certified light suitable for American electrification.

Choosing Henge furnishing means choosing the quality and passion of a company that has never been influenced by current trends, but has undertaken a solitary path which led it to become one of the most well-known and appreciated Italian companies on the global scenario.


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