“My vision is to process images of any kind, architecture or design, or pictorial or sculptural interacting with people in a poetic way. If my object finds its friend it has played its role.”

Alessandro Mendini’s words express the mission of his works. Works that are born from the deep intertwining of Art and Design, during the long career of the designer. Beyond architecture, Mendini has a deep passion for art and writing. After graduating in architecture, Alessandro Mendini devoted himself to writing for a long time and became director of three magazines: “Casa Bella”, “Modo” and “Domus”.


The 15-year experience in publishing was later turned into a desire to make and design, first with the cooperation within the group Alchemy, group of radical design, and then with his own Atelier.

Among the most important works by Alessandro Mendini we can quote the Museum of Gronighen, the reinvention of the image of Alessi and interesting works for some of the best known brands including Swatch and Philipps.

Musée de Groningen

Musée de Groningen

A particular focus deserves the Museum of Gronighen, designed by Mendini in the Ninties and gone under restoration and restyling in 2010. The building was originally built on the basis of the vision of an “island of Culture, a utopian acropolis, a citadel of the arts.” The museum has architectural active and non-neutral spaces capable of arising curiosity and attention in the observer.

The museum, like any other work by Mendini, holds in high regard the psychological aspect of the project.

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