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Belmondo sofa is one of the best products of Meridiani, a prestigious Italian furniture manufacturer. 

Among Belmondo features we can find essential and rigorous shapes, softened by big cushions, that contrast with thinner armrests. It has a wooden structure and its feet are available in different colours (light, moka or grey-stained wood). The structure is padded in non-deformable polyurethane and polyestere fibre. Cushions are padded in goose down and non-deformable polyurethane. The covering is removable for the fabric version, while is fixed for the leather version.

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For Belmondo there is the possibility to have not only a linear sofa, but also a sectional one, Belmondo Modular.


Those who love large seats, can choose Belmondo XL sofa, that has bigger dimensions than the standard sofa.


To complete the living room, it is possible to add one or more Belmondo armchairs.

Belmondo 2

If you are looking for a more dynamycal element, far from the traditional seat, you can choose Belmondo Dormeuse.

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If you want to be sure to have enough room for guests without renouncing to design, you can decide to buy a Belmondo sofa bed. Its look and elegance are identical to the standard sofa, but a comfortable double bed is hidden under the seat cushions.

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