Dedon’s story began in 1990 when Bobby Dekeyser, a budding young star of German football, was admitted into hospital after having been hit in the face. When he was lying in the hospital bed he decided to abandon sport to follow his dream: to become an entrepreneur.

He didn’t have a clear idea of what to produce but the answer came in 1991 at the Cologne fair. Here Bobby discovered wickerwork rattan furniture from the island of Cebu in the Philippines and was extremely fascinated. This meeting proved illuminating for the birth of Dedon: Bobby flew to the Philippines to learn the art of wickerwork, which would become Dedon’s distinctive hallmark.

Thanks to an ingenious synthetic fibre invented by his uncle, his sister’s marketing strategy and the young new company arrival Hervé Lampert, Bobby succeeds in increasing production. So after nearly 10 years of ups and downs, Dedon finally starts to make way in the outdoor design furniture market. To complete the company’s development, in 2000 Bobby and Hervé decided to open a Dedon factory in the Philippines on the Cebu island, so they could personally control the whole productive process.

The Dedon Collection

The company manufactures all of its projects using the exclusive Dedon fibre, the first synthetic resin fabric in the world and is entirely recyclable. Every day this fibre, made inside the Luneburgo laboratory, has to pass very strict controls to guarantee maximum quality and resistance. It is thanks to this material that it was possible to create a complete outdoor collection including chairs, tables, coffee tables, armchairs and loungers. Dedon, apart from traditional garden furniture, also proposes a spectacular series of hanging sofas that transform your outdoor spaces into true and proper oases of relax.

The Orbit Sofa

The Orbit collection, designed by Richard Frinier in 2003, was an immediate success. In 2006, when the German football team was photographed on this sofa, requests for it went through the roof. Orbit revolutionises the idea of the traditional sofa transforming it into a cosy haven, sheltered from the sun and draughts.

The Orbit sofa consists of a Dedon fibre structure, available in natural, bronze or platinum colours, and a light fabric hood in white or light grey. Orbit is enriched with comfortable cushions, seat and backrest, in different sizes and finishings, in fact Dedon offers the possibility of choosing the covering from a wide range of shades.

For the outside of a customer’s house in Singapore, Tomassini Arredamenti selected a series of Dedon furniture with a refined and modern style. The protagonist of the environment is a large Orbit sofa in a spot sheltered from the sun offering a view overlooking the swimming pool while comfortably seated. Next to the sofa is Babylon, iconic coffee table with a flowing style. For the dining area a SeaX table was chosen complete with chairs from the same collection. The Others lanterns render the atmosphere even more relaxing thanks to a particular game of light and shade created on the surfaces.

The Nestrest hanging sofa

Nestrest is the outdoor sofa that everyone would love to have: a secret hideaway born to offer endless moments of relaxation sheltered from indiscrete eyes. This original sofa designed by Fred Frety & Daniel Pouzet, Jean-Marie Massaud’s collaborators, is inspired by the shape and colours of a bird’s nest. Nestrest has a steel structure in order to render the wickerwork, made with a thicker Dedon fibre, 4 cm instead of 2 cm, even more solid. The structure is available in natural and chalk, two shades that blend beautifully into nature’s greenery.

The Mbrace armchair

Mbrace is the armchair of a northern style that lures you to relax outside even in the cold season. This collection, including an armchair, a rocking chair, a chair and a lounger, is by award-winning Sebastian Herkner. The Mbrace armchair, as the name suggests, features a large backrest which embraces the body like a shell.

Mbrace is available in four colours, born from the collaboration of Dedon with Giulio Ridolfo: Arabica, black wickerwork, Spice, red and grey wickerwork, Pepper, black and grey wickerwork and Atlantic, brown and blue wickerwork. Apart from the structure it is also possible to choose the cushion, seat and backrest covers from a wide range of colours.

The SeaX seat

The SeaX collection stands out from the others for its elegant and simplistic style. Taking inspiration from the sailing boats of the America’s Cup, Jean-Marie Massaud revisited the traditional director’s chair rendering it a paean to lightness. The SeaX collection has been studied down to the last detail blending flexibility and resistance. The success of this seat comes from its great versatility, in fact SeaX was designed for domestic environments, restaurants, boats or cafés.

To render the design of this seat even more sophisticated it is possible to cover the armrests in plywood. The structure is in white or black while the upholstery in fabric can be chosen among light grey, dove-grey or dark grey. The prospect of being able to match different finishings makes it possible to have the right seat for every environment. The SeaX table in various sizes and finishings completes the collection.


Dedon more than any other company has made life in the open air the cornerstone of every single one of its projects. Innovation, quality and aesthetics are the key words of its philosophical design. Dedon furniture has been designed so as to last over the years and be your most trusted travel companion.


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