Boa sofa is one of the most original design pieces of furniture now available in the market. Designed by the Brazilian brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana, it’s produced by the Italian manufacturer Edra. 

Completely outside of the traditional seats standards, Boa sofa looks like a huge woven snake.

boa_5 flora-tord-boontje-e-divano-boa-edra-mazzei

Without structure, Boa is composed of 120 meters of tubular filled with elastic polyurethane and down and it is coverd in iridescent velvet, that gives it its peculiar brightness.boa_4

On Boa sofa one can sit down, lay down or curl up.


Every sofa needs four tubulars of 30 meters each, filled and covered by hand, and four people working on it simultaneously for one week. Two full days are dedicated to the final weaving.

boa_7 boa_8

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