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The Budapest sofa is on of the best-seller couches of Baxter, leader company in the field of Made in Italy furniture.

Only available in the linear sofa version, it comes in two dimensions. Big cushions, big armrests, clean and strong lines and low, thick metal feet: these are the formal features of the Budapest sofa that combine with very generous padding and to the maximum comfort level.

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As for all products of Baxter, a company popular for the high quality and beauty of its coverings, the Budapest sofa is not available in fabric, but only in different leather categories. In this specific case, to preserve the high quality and comfort standard of the product, the manufacturer recommends a double covering: rigid leather for the structure and soft leather for the seat cushions.

budapest 6Finally, don’t get confused about the Budapest sofa: it has a very similar namesake, Budapest Soft, produced by Baxter, but available in different structures and versions.

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