Ceccotti CollezioniCeccotti Collezioni is an italian company that successfully expresses its strong personality in a conformed society.

The italian company doesn’t surrender to passing fashion but it keeps strong its interest in the luxury craftsmanship. In fact, Ceccotti Collezioni offers us a wide choice of furnishings on the edge between art and design marked by a new interpretation of the contemporary style.

Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Aviero

The company starts its activity more than 60 years ago; in 1956, in the italian region of Tuscany, arises the Ceccotti Aviero firm specialized in the hotel furnishings. Since this time, it becomes an international company. It starts prestigious cooperation with the most important hotel chains like Trusthouse Forte in London, Sheraton and Ciga.

In 1986 the company, in cooperation with the famous italian architect Paolo Portoghesi, introduces some of the iconic items which have become the symbol of the firm. In this way, Ceccotti Aviero finally becomes one of the most important italian brand.

The growth

Another important year is the 1988, that marks the turning point in the history of the company: from the brilliant intuition of Roberto Lazzeroni and Franco Ceccotti comes the new Ceccotti Collezioni.

It’s the beginning of a new period of design experimentation: the style of Carlo Mollino melts with the particular shapes of Gaudì with a little look to the Scandinavian design of the 50’s. The first collection, called “Dedos Tenidos”, is marked by sinuous and versatile shapes.

From 1988 until today the company boasts the cooperation with famous designers like Yuni Ahn, Francesco Maria Andrenelli, Oscar and Gabriele Buratti, Massimo Castagna, Jeannot Cerutti, Noè Duchaufour-Lawrance, Roberto Lazzeroni, Pedro Miralles and Christophe Pillet. And as a result of these international contributions, comes a variegated collection marked by the union of different styles.

The philosopy

Thanks to its experience in the woodwork, Ceccotti Collezioni realizes unique masterpieces. The original style and the perfect manufacture make them extremely precious: in fact the Ceccotti Collezioni furnishings are able to enhance any home.

The company is deeply focused on the environmental sustainability: all the timbers come from controlled plantation. The wastes are used to produce heat and the entire production process aims to a sustainable management of the forest. This is the philosophy on which the company builds its activity.

The collections

The Ceccotti Collezioni furnishings keep their beauty through the years. From 1988 the company has always offered a wide range of pieces of furniture: from the living to the studio, from the office to the dining room, from the bedroom to the lighting.

The Storica-International collection and the Modern Sense one show all the passion and the skill of the italian company. In conclusion let’s see some of the most famous products:

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