charles 7The Charles sofa is one of the cornerstones of B&B Italia collection for the living area. Designed in 1997 by Antonio Citterio, it is sa seat with regular and contemporary features, ideal to be adapted to all living areas.

By now, the Charles sofa can be identified as one of those classic which, since its launch in the Made-in-Italy furniture market, has managed to revolutionize the seat concept for the living area. Its design makes the sofa the ideal seat for modern and contemporary settings, but also a product enriching formal spaces with beauty and comfort.

charles 1

The striking details of the Charles sofa are its unique inverted L-shaped feet, in die-cast aluminium, bright brushed or painted, that give lightness to the seat.

charles L feet

The backrests of the Charles sofa provide a solid structure to accommodate the simply designed cushions, which can be positioned freely to achieve the best comfort.

charles 6

The armrests of the Charles sofa, of the same thickness as the structure and slightly trapezoidal in shape, also have rigorous features that give a sense of stability to the couch.

charles 2

Another feature making the Charles sofa one of B&B Italia’s leading products is its great versatility in terms of sizes, compositions and coatings. Actually, Charles is a modular sofa offering several possibilities of composition of its elements.

charles 8

Coming to coatings, the Charles sofa can be delivered with a leather or fabric cover. While the leather coating is fixed, the fabric coating is completely removable. The filling, depending on the element, may be of polyurethane or goose down.

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