Choosing the perfect sofa for your living room is not a simple task. Often, the focus falls on purely aesthetic characteristics – a nice coating, the line of the arms, the arrangement of the cushions.

In choosing a sofa, aesthetics and style are clearly very important aspects, but if the structure is made of cheap materials, the joints are weak, the springs are loose and the cushions are flat, we haven’t made a good buy.


The frame

The first factor to consider when choosing a sofa to furnish a living room is the frame. A sturdy frame made of solid wood guarantees durability better than chipboard or plywood. The way in which the frame of the sofa is built is as important as the materials from which it is made. In the high-quality sofas, all the joints are screwed and glued, so as to ensure a good seal. These features of the frame are not visible from the outside, but this kind of information can be asked to the sale person or obtained from the catalog of the producer.

The spring system

The second factor to consider is the spring system, which determines the bounce of the sofa and the way it supports weight. The sofa should be neither too hard nor too soft, so as to support the weight of a person comfortably. The suspension system can consist of Greek springs, independent springs or elastic bands, which must be placed at the right distance from each other – not too close nor too far apart. Although these features are not visible from the outside of the sofa, they can be found in the product specifications supplied by the manufacturer.


The cushions

The third element to assess the quality and comfort of a sofa are the cushions. The cushions can be fixed or removable. Of course, removable cushions and removable covers are more practical and convenient and allow to wash or replace of the upholstery. Along with the suspension system, the cushions should snsure comfort, support and softness. The best way to evaluate the consistency and quality of the cushions is just sit on the sofa. The depth of the seat must be right and allow the feet to touch the floor and the knees to bend comfortably while seating. Backrest and arms must be tested as well to assess their comfort.

The upholstery

The fourth element to be evaluated when choosing the most suitable sofa for a living room is the upholstery. The type of upholstery impacts on the price of the sofa; when choosing the fabric or material, then, you have to consider your budget, aesthetics and durability. As mentioned above, the coatings in removable fabric allow greater ease in cleaning and maintenance of the couch.


Other aspects

Finally, other elements to be evaluated are related to personal needs and preferences, such as the size, the design of the sofa and other options such as headrest or adjustable backrest. These elements depend on the size of the living area you have to furnish, by the style of the rest of the furniture (classic or modern), from aesthetic preferences and functional needs. There are many solutions available – linear sofa, corner sofa or modular sofa, that allows maximum customization.

Nebula Nine Sofa by Diesel with Moroso

In conclusion, the watchword for choosing a sofa is quality, not only aesthetic but also functional. A sofa that guarantees high manufacturing, top of the line materials and sleek and versatile design is the Nebula Nine sofa designed by Diesel Creative Team for Moroso. The technical specifications can be found on the website of Tomassini Arredamenti and are the following: the structure is made stress-resistant polyurethane foam with differentiated densities and polyester fiber on wood frame. The feet are in ash. The cushions are made of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber or goose down. With regard to the upholstery, in the leather/linen version, only the front of the backrest cushions is upholstered in leather. The thread color always matches the upholstery.


The Nebula Nine sofa, which is part of the The Camp, is soft as a cloud, has generous shapes and is a place where you can sit or lie on large cuchions. Nebula Nine of Moroso is characterized by a structure of great strength and compactness made exclusively of wood and covered with large, wraparound cushions covered with stone-washed linen.

Nebula Nine as a product with a relaxed and comfortable mood, taking its inspiration from an informal lifestyle concept and targeting consumers who like simple shapes yet at the same time seek a modern style made up of high quality combined with a distinctive design of pure lines.


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