sedia-alma-1192-1393243105How to choose the right combination of chairs and dining table? What are the elements to be evaluated?
Once, dining table and chairs were bought as one set with the same design and style. On one hand, you never had to wonder if the pieces worked together, but on the other the results were predictable and ordinary. Today, mix-and-match dining sets are in vogue and it fashionable to match a classic table with ultra-modern design chairs. The most adventurous and bold will even  choose to mix of different chairs  that have in common only one element, such as material, color or style.
Matching table and chairs is more challenging today than in the past, here are the aspects to consider.



For comfort, the respective scales of your dining table and chairs must be compatible. Dining tables usually measure between 72 and 74 cm from the top of the table to the floor. From the top of the seat to the floor, dining chairs frequently range from 40 to 43 cm. The distance between the seat and the table is thus about 30 cm.

The Right Chair Seat Height

To find the correct height of the seat and the right distance between the seat and the table top, test a table with a mix of different chairs. If the seat is padded, it is necessary to measure the height of the chair when empty and then when someone is seating on it. If the padding is thick, the compression may be substantial.

The Ideal Chair Width and Depth

Scale isn’t just about compatible heights. You also need chairs that actually fit under your table. If they don’t, your diners won’t feel comfortable and you’ll damage both table and chairs. The chairs must be able to slide under the table with ease without hitting the table legs or its base. If you want to place two or more chairs on each long side of the table, you have to make sure there is enough room to pull the chairs at the table without jostling each other laterally. The chairs should be at a distance of at least 5 cm apart, whether they match a round or rectangular table.


Chair Armrest and Backrest Heights

If you use chairs with armrests, make sure that they do not flutter against the tabletop, causing damage and making it difficult to get comfortably close to the table. As for the backrest, its height depends on personal taste and the style you want to obtain for your dining room.

Style and Design

If dimensions are important for comfort, the right match between the design of chairs and table is important for the aesthetics. Choose a table and chairs with a common characteristic usually ensures a good combination. The common characteristic may be the period, the color of the finish, the level of formality or the design of a single element, as the line of the legs. In general, a round or oval table should be match with sinuous chairs while rectangular tables should be match with chairs with a square design.

Weight and portability

Dining chair should be easy to move in and out from the table. Chairs with a slatted back are easy to grip, while a chair with a solid back — or one that is fully upholstered — may be more difficult to grab, so it should be light enough to move without a firm hold.


If the chair is padded, it is necessary to accurately choose the material. If you have young children, for example, it will be better to avoid delicate or difficult to clean materials such as velvet or chenille and prefer leather or fabric.


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