Today, there is a growing emphasis on the workplace, both in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics that promotes the workers wellness and thus increases productivity.


Office 31, by Sandro Clemens, is a space designed to receive corporate clients and develop group activities. The office is designed to meet the various needs of different creative professionals.


The environment is conceived as an ongoing dialogue between past and present, in which the most advanced technologies coexist with a retro-contemporary style.


The project combines and harmonizes all aspects of corporate life, as convenience, organization, functionality, with hospitality and the comforts of home.


The space, which has cubic shape, has a retro-contemporary style, mixing designer pieces of current days with those of the fifties and sixties. The lights are industrial-style and the art pieces are carefully selected from the works of young local artists.


The back wall is covered in techno cement, a material that recalls cement in its raw state, widely used in modernist and brutalist architecture. The side walls and ceiling are white, and the band above the entrance is in matt black.


Two typical elements of business life were added to this neutral base: the carpeting floor, absorbing the sounds of the environment and increasing energy efficiency; and the aluminium blinds, a classic of modern offices.

The furnishings are mostly free-standing and flexible, like the large library. The furniture is a mix of tailored pieces and collections of major brands such as Flexform.

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