15456Saarinen table is one of the cult pieces of design and is produced and sold in its best finishings by the two manufacturers Alivar and Knoll. 

Saarinen table takes its name after its designer, the Finnish Eero Saarinen, one of the well-known representatives of the Bauhaus school, who created this piece of furniture in the Fifties.


It is part of a furniture line with pedestal, where the designer decided to replace the traditional four legs with a single one to create less visual confusion.


Saarinen wanted to create a unique element, without interruptions, made of a single material, printed, without divisions among the parts that compose it. However, the technology at that time didn’t allow such results, so the project remained in part unfinished.


Nowadays, the Saarinen table has a pedestal in die-cast aluminum, black or white lacquered and it is available in different materials: marble or granite, black or white laminate, liquid lacquered laminate, oak or LG Hi Machs (an acrylic stone).

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