Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-10_rm-type-GUE-60Xiamen, in the Fujian Province, is nestled in the side of Yunding Mountain looking out to sea. The landscape is unique thanks to its geological features due to its warm and moist weather. The surface of stones and gaps in between them inspired Team BLGD architects, who designed the Wind Hotel as a series of overlapping boxes that seem to grow naturally from the ground and are surrounded by lush vegetation.

Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-10_rm-type-GUE-60Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-13_rm-type-SHEDestin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-5-rain-well_BLDG1Inside, the minialist lobby is the meeting place for three different wells: the well of rain, the well of  trees and the well of wind, each one beginning roof top of the building, passing through some private suites and joining into the lobby. The three installations bring nature inside the hotel, creating continuity between the inside and the outside.Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-7-entrance_BLDG3Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-6-tree-well_BLDG1The ceilings are decorated with geometric patterns that accompany guests in their passage.

Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-3b_BALLRMDestin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-3a-RESTAURANT (1)
The hotel restaurant is located in the main building roof top and its 360° floor-to-ceiling windows sides give an uninterrupted and breathtaking view of the sea and mountain and the pleasant impression of dining among the trees. The rooms have different views with windows specifically positioned to frame portions of the landscape. Each material used has its specific function: high quality teak wood, with its natural smell and touch, creates an intimate atmosphere in the rooms; concrete and local granite are used for their clean and simple lines to inspire guests with a sense of calm and relaxation.Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-18-facade_BLDG1Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-11a_rm-type-GUE-60Destin-hotelWIND_team-bldg-19

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