No piece of furniture better expresses the spirit of the times as the armchair, the protagonist of public events in lounges and cafes and a symbol of relaxation and meditation in private homes.

Through the iconic chairs of the last century, we can trace design history: objects of desire and true works of art, armchairs reated by the greatest contemporary designers are included in the collections of museums and private fundations and have become real myths in the collective imagination.

Here is a selection of five timeless and unmistakable armchairs, milestones of the history of design.

Vanity Fair by Poltrona Frau

It is a real archetype, the image that comes to mind when you say the word “armchair”. Rounded corners, rounded volumes, Thirties’ design: Vanity Fair is the queen of leather armchairs.


Barcelona Armchair by Mies Van Der Rohe

Named after the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1929, the occasion for which it was designed by designer Mies Van Der Rohe. Since then, it is produced by Knoll Alivar and other top furniture brands with a steel structure and the quilted cushion in 40 panels.


Eames Lounge Chair

Born in 1956, the Lounge Chair is a creation of Charles Eames, one of the greatest designers of the twentieth century. Sober and elegant, appropriate for both public and private spaces, it has also several appearances in movie sets.


Sacco Armchair by Zanotta

Created in 1968, the armchair Sacco was born in the middle of the Cultural Revolution and is an expression of non-conformism. With its colorful and variable shape, the armchair Sacco is a mutable object, soft, which rejects impositions and rigid forms. A revolution within the revolution.


Up Armchair by B&B Italia

Designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1969, Up armchair gave birth to a whole series. Still innovative after nearly fifty years, it is an expression of the radical design of which its creator is a well-known exponent. Its shape is the result of anatomy and human biology research and makes it not only a seat but also a scenic element, which catches the eye and characterizes the environment.


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