The cooperation of the famous fashion brand Diesel with Moroso, one of the most important Italian brands of furniture, this year has given birth to new creations that mix the latest trends in design with the unmistakable style that distinguishes the products of the two companies.
Here are the pieces of the collection 2015 by Diesel with Moroso.

Gimme More Sofa

Gimme More sofa is inspired by the Gimme Shelter model realized by the Italian company in 2013 and is distinguished from the previous item for the wide back that brings wrap-around intimacy.
The large backrest creates a comfortable space both at home or in a public place. The Gimme More sofa comes with the semblance of a cocoon and soft cushions in differing sizes that grant distinction to the seat and the back, invite relaxation, hiding away, and feeling protected. Diesel with Moroso realizes this model with wooden feet, in gray lacquered metal mud or black or copper-colored.
To enrich the Gimme More sofa are the details of the figure, represented by a play of seams that reflects the modern approach of the brand. In the same collection of Gimme More sofa also a chaise longue, an armchair and an ottoman.


Work is Over Armchair

The armchair Work is Over in the style industrial and military aesthetics. The parts that usually remain hidden, such as the chassis, are exposed and made distinctive detail. The comfort of the seat is secured with sinuous lines and soft cushion. The chair is Over Work of Diesel with Moroso is made of perforated sheet metal comes in various colors and finishes.
The inside of the chair is Over Work can be upholstered in leather or fabric, while the external one is available in a special selection of fabrics resistant to the external environment. A complete collection of the session Work is Over, a line of tables that maintain the same characteristics of the chair.


Nice table

The table Nice features a vintage style made contemporary by the use of coated aluminum. The lines of the table are read Nice, almost stylized, and the weight is reduced. Nice table can be matched the chairs of the same line.


Sideboard Cabinet Voltaire

The cupboard Cabinet Voltaire is a storage unit from the original geometric shape made by the particular curvature of the wings, which are framed by a metal structure available in different finishes and materials: wood, smooth metal, metal decorated with engraved geometric taste military, skin and fabric.
The cupboard Cabinet Voltaire is a furniture look new enhanced by metallic details that sculpt the forms and creates strong, dominant style.


Work table is Over

The table Work is Over is made of sheet metal perforated. Work is Over The tables are available in two versions: a smaller one, with two floors placed on two different levels with three simple metal feet. The second version of the table is larger and is composed of two surfaces located on two different gradients that emphasize its functionality. Work is Over The tables are available in the same finishes of the sessions that are supported, which in yellow and blue oil.


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