divano-clouds-atlas-554-1384965848Moroso, a leader Italian furniture manufacturer, produced with the brand Diesel a collection characterized by a young and comfortable design. Let’s discover something more about it…

The idea that lead to the collection Diesel with Moroso has an informal and comfortable design, thought for the lovers of contemporary furniture.

tavolo-pylon-rettangolare-589-1385143780contenitore-total-flightcase-604-1385397158sister ray

The Diesel creative team designed a series of products characterized by two styles: one darker, with an aggressive and underground look, and one with lighter shades and softer, cosy shapes. Moroso company followed all the production stages and details step by step.

nebula nineNebula Fivecloudscape

The result is that the Diesel with Moroso collection offers many alternative products and a wide variety of choices. The pieces can be appreciated as single elements or, better, if combined together. All of them give a strong informal and rock-ironic feeling and create a suggestive atmosphere both in the living and in the night areas.


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