letto-basket-1706-1394796167The bedroom is the most private and personal room in the house. For most people, it is a place to rest and sleep, but there are also many people who love to spend their free time in the bedroom watching TV or reading. Choosing the right bedroom furniture is the key to creating a beautiful as well as functional space, here is how to do it in 5 essential steps.

The bed

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom and is therefore the most important piece of furniture to buy. Choosing the type of bed, the style, the type of mattress and base is the first and most important task.


The wardrobe, chest of drawers and dresser

Chaos isn’t going to help you get a good sleep. If the room is tiny, it is important to have the appropriate storage spaces for storing clothing and accessories. A wardrobe, a dresser and a chest of drawers are the basic pieces you will need in your bedroom. Alternatively, if space is large enough, a walk-in closet is an extremely functional and practical solution.



An alarm clock, a book, glasses, a notebook where to pin your thoughts before bed … how many items do you need to keep on hand at the bedside? Depending on what you expect place on or store in your bedside table, choose the kind that suit your needs. Nightstands can be purchased as a set together with the bed, or separately. If you want to opt for more creative solutions, you can use stools or small tables and/or pair together pieces of different kinds.



The lighting in the bedroom usually consists of a main light provided by a chandelier, wall lamps or floor lamp, and other lights that allow you to adjust the lighting and make it more soft, like the lampshade on bedside tables and a table lamp to be placed on the dresser.


Other elements

If you like to watch TV in bed, you will need a shelf or TV stand. A TV stand can be also be placed in a custom made wardobe. Other items to complete the decor of the bedroom are mirrors, chairs and wall decorations (paintings, photographs, etc …), which give a special touch and help defining the style of the room. Same goes for textiles such as curtains, covers and pillows, that can be replaced when you want to renovate the room without major investment and without changing the furniture.


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