Blue is the color of silence, peace, calm, serenity that you want to find when, after a hard day, you return home tired and grouchy: the house is where you find peace and time for relaxation.

In furnishings, blue can be used in different ways and with different combinations, we can think of the most modern and impressive contrast of shiny blue and white on the doors of a modern kitchen, or calling to mind the atmosphere of the ocean through a combination of light and dark blue and beige.


Sofa On The Rocks by Edra

Traditionally used in the bedrooms as a calming and relaxing coloro, today blue is used in different areas of the house as the color of elegance.

In the living room, family gathering place, the blue can be used on fabric sofas and curtains. Extremely refined is the velvet blue, which creates an atmosphere of luxury and refinement, especially if combined with classic and contemporary-classic design.


Armchair Getsuen by Edra


Sofa Boa by Edra

If fitted to the forms of minimalist and contemporary design, blue creates a glamorous and dynamic environment.


Shanghai sofa by Poliform

Used in the bathroom, the blue recalls the pure and revitalizing power of water and can be used for finishing such as flooring and tile or accessories. Blue can be declined in a classic or contemporary style, depending on the style of the rest of the house.


Armchair Mama Nepal by Baxter

Blue is a versatile color and its uses are varied in decor. Designers use it more and more in their creations,  with original and eye-catching results.

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