Our grandmothers would be horrified by the idea of having the living room and kitchen in a single environment. The kitchen was their “secret lab”, it kept the undisclosed ingredients of their recipes but also the clutter and smells that inevitably are produced during the preparation of the meal. The living room was instead a formal and impeccable space where to welcome guests, often closed by a door that concealed it from the private spaces of the house such as the bedrooms and the kitchen.

Today the trend is opposite: the walls diseapper as well as the doors, the hallway no longer exist and open spaces are preferred, combining in a single space environments of different functions.
The living room with kitchenette is therefore an increasing preferred choice that in most cases allow to get an extra bedroom or an extra bathroom. What is the best way to decorate a living room with kitchenette? Here are some tips.

Basic tips

The first advice is to choose a coordinated furniture for the kitchen area and the dining/living area. The choice of different styles, in fact, not only does not contribute to outline environments but also becomes an “eyesore” regarding the design.
In addition, it is better not to exceed in furnishings and decors. A furniture-crowded room feels smaller and cramped. Lastly, the lighting is an element of fundamental importance as the choice of the right lamps allows to give the illusion of a larger space and contributes to the breakdown of the various functions.


Matrix by Varenna

Using different flooring

The color effect of using two different floors can definitely help to make a clear diversification between the kitchen and the living room. The game works, however, only if the materials are very different. For example, you can choose the flooring for the living room and tile only for the surface facing the stove and the appliances.


Convivium by Arclinea

Playing with colors

It is not written in stone that you must use a single tone color for the walls of the dining/living area and the kitchen area!
The new design trends, in fact, incourage the use of different colors – but complementary – for the two different environments. You can indulge, then, with colors and shades, to be chosen according to the nuance of the furnishings and accessories. Try to choose the lighter colors because dark colors tend to shrink the room.


Alea by Varenna

Choose a peninsula kitchen

One of the most used solutions to ideally divide the kitchen from the living room is the peninsula. In addition to being a practical choice, it is also a beautiful design solution.


Yara by Cesar

Hidden kitchenette

The best solution for very small spaces is a mini kitchen equipped with everything you need, that disappears behind the doors of the cabinet in which they are contained and outwardly looks like a common living room furniture.


Eileen Table by B&B Italia

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