divano-charles-outdoor-489A garden or outdoor space in which to create a living area for plein-air leisure time or outdoor dining is the dream of many. Often, however, the patio and the garden end up at the bottom of the priority list when it comes to decorating the house and it happens that they go unused for a long time. In fact, the outdoor space may have a great importance in the life of the family because it gives children the chance to play and spend time outdoors while adults can enjoy a pleasant retreat for conversation and relaxation. So here are some tips to decorate outdoor space and make it an extension of the house.


Use of outdoor space

The first step to decorate the outdoor is deciding what kind of use you will make of it and who are the people who mostly spend their time in the backyard or patio. If there are children and pets, it will be better to give up the life-size statue of Aphrodite or the cascading fountain.
What will you do in your patio? Do you plan to cook and eat outside? Will you organize parties with many guests? These activities should be taken in consideration when choosing furniture which will be functional to them.

Chairs and tables

If you plan to eat outside, it will be essential to furnish the space with outdoor dining table and chairs. The outdoor tables are available in fixed and extensible versions, made of resistant materials of excellent quality suitable to outdoor. The shape can be round, oval or rectangular depending on the space available. The chairs can be purchased as a set with the table or separately.

Sofas and Armchairs

The outdoor area gives a great chance to organize appetizers and parties with friends. The seating solutions for the patio are many, like outdoor sofas and armchairs, rocking chairs and hammocks. If you have enough space, you can also have a bar and bar stools. Other options are ottomans, benches or large pillows that can be placed on the ground.


Fireplace, wood stove or barbecue

Depending on the space and its features, those who love to cook outdoors may decide to create an outdoor fireplace or a wood stove. If this is not possible, a barbeque will still allow you to enjoy delicious meals in the garden.

Curtains, umbrellas and gazebos

Some areas of outdoor space may require the use of curtains or umbrellas to provide shades during the day. A beautiful and elegant alternative is a pergola covered with climbing plants.


Like the house, also the patio must be decorated and personalized, trying to create continuity with the interior. Rugs, pillows, colorful pots, jars, candle holders … the possibilities and combinations are endless.

Tips for decorating the outdoor space: the Charles Outdoor Sofa by B&B Italia


The Charles Outdoor Sofa by B&B Italia is a creation of Italian designer Antonio Citterio. The Charles Outdoor Sofa features regular and contemporary lines, ideal for outdoor spaces of all kinds.


The Charles Outdoor sofa is a true classic in the outdoor collection by B&B Italia. Its simple and original design makes adaptable to different situations and make it an ideal seating for modern and contemporary spaces, but also to enrich with beauty and comfort more formal outdoors.


The features that made it a classic are modern taste, the thin structure, the flexibility of the system and the essential design of the aluminum legs in the shape of inverted “L”. Charles Outdoor Sofa maintains rigorous and timeless aesthetic, consistent with the original Charles system project, the volume of the structure is emptied through a light structure of aluminum. The piece is lightweight thanks to its slim aluminium frame and has an external surface created by open weave polypropylene bands.


The range of sofas, terminal elements and chaise-longue pieces – made up of 9 elements of various styles and sizes – expands with a small armchair and a reclining cot. The dove brown bands match the fabric covers of the seat cushions. The three sizes of back cushions can mirror the neutral shade of the frame or coordinate with lively, brilliant colours from the new outdoor fabric collection. To improve and guarantee greater protection from weather, B&B Italia has treated all fabrics in the collection, as well as those used for the internal part of the cushions, with advanced water-repellent techniques.

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