The kitchen is the room in the house that requires more maintenance and cleaning. For this reason, all the coatings should be chosen considering the durability and ease of cleaning. This often discourages those who love wood or other natural materials. However, we keep in mind that technology and innovation have allowed manufacturers of such products to make them more resistant and less absorbent, suitable for use in environments such as the kitchen and the bathroom.


Before choosing the flooring for the kitchen you must consider all benefits and weaknesses of the various materials usually used.

The kitchen floor is subjected to daily shocks, like fall of objects, oily stains, food contact and strong substances such as citrus fruits and carbonated soft drinks. It is not always possible to remove these stains, deposits and injuries, although only superficial. Sometimes they are so aggressive that they compromise the aesthetic appearance and functionality. This is particularly so when choosing a floor with a high value of absorption of water or other liquid. This is the case of natural stone floors or untreated wood. In fact in the long run the surface of these coatings tends to become opaque and loses the brilliance and the original gloss.


The most suitable material for the kitchen, for its high performance and features, is gres. It is nothing but a ceramic coating which can take on any desired appearance, even that of wood. Gres is a non-porous material, waterproof, with low absorption value and high flexural strength. Besides all this, the porcelain facilitates and simplifies the cleaning of the kitchen floor, the hygiene is critical in an environment like this. For stubborn stains simply use special detergents. These act effectively on the stain without damaging the floor at all.


Gres also satisfies those who like wood in the kitchen. This is not real wood, but imitatesi t perfectly. The range of variants to choose from is vast: color, essence, size and texture. This is made possible by a special technology industry: digital printing inkjet. The stoneware is printed as if it were a sheet of paper.


The porcelain tile flooring with wood effect is available even in the same format of the classic slats that make up the classic parquet. The result is amazing, you want to touch it with your hand to see if it is real wood.

For your kitchen, also consider the classic and traditional tiled floor, that always is placed in the kitchen to make the environment warm and welcoming. Today is also chosen in modern kitchens, a floor that adapts to everything.

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