patricia-urquiola_lilo_moroso_designboom_004Patricia Urquiola is one of the designers who shaped the history of the prestigious Italian furniture and design brand Moroso.
The colorful Tropicalia collection, the original Smock series, the Silver lake line with its unusual geometry and the ethnic Shanghai collection are just some of the creations made by the Spanish design for the famous brand of Italian furniture.
In 2015 the Urquiola marks another milestone in the history of this prolific collaboration with the creation of Lilo chair and Bold sofa, top products of the new Moroso collection.


The Lilo chair is inspired by Scandinavian modernism of the fifties and the teachings of Achille Castiglioni, for whom Urquiola worked as an assistant early in her career.
The modernist design was revised to get a chair that responds to contemporary needs of comfort and ergonomics, with a sturdy frame that supports the weight of a bold upholstery.

patricia-urquiola_lilo_moroso_designboom_003The seat has been designed to give support to every part of the body while the slight angle of the backrest and long armrests guarantee relaxation. The rounded shape of the cushion softens the linear structure of light wood.


The Bold sofa has a balanced design and a simple and functional elegance. The absence of sharp edges and rounded shapes make this sofa extremely comfortable at the sight, conveying an idea of ​​softness and warmth.

PATRICIA-URQUIOLA_bold_moroso_designboom_012 PATRICIA-URQUIOLA_bold_moroso_designboom_013

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