I wonder if the British designer Thomas Heaterwick, when he designed the first draft of Spun armchair, imagined that his creation would have been exposed in the most visited and prestigious location of the Universal Exhibition 2015 in Milan and that it would be so consecrated as an icon of international design.

Heaterwick created the Spun armchair in 2010. The seat, very bold and innovative, is a rotating chair that mimics the shape and motion of a spinning top. Magis produces the Spun armchair in polyethylene with rotational molding.


The stability of the seat is obtained thanks to the balancing of centripetal and centrifugal force that allows a 360 ° rotation. The original shape and movement create a sense of play, almost a “breakout” effect. The toughness of polyethylene and rthe ange of bright colors in which Spun chair is produced make it particularly suitable for the outdoors.


Spun Armchair immediately met the enthusiasm of the world of design, has been selected for the ADI Design Index in 2011, and then received the Compasso d’Oro in 2014. In 2015 Spun was chosen for Lake Arena setting at Milan Expo, where stands the most important installation of the Exhibition, the Life Tree. The 126 rotating red seats capture the attention of visitors who are queuing up to try the experience of sitting and rocking on what seem to big spinners.

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