MDF Italia is a manufacturer specialized in the creation of design furniture. Among its products there is a wide series of bookcases. 

Inmotion is a system consisting either of column units, base units, stackable or hanging units. The system’s flexibility is considerable: swivel modules, with drawers or large drawers, with flap opening door, stackable modular units or modular units to be flanked, free-standing or wall-mounted. The open compartments as well as the rotary units may feature different materials and/or colours and can be newly varied by the customer even after their purchase.


The widest MDF Italia series is Randommade of 6 mm thick MD-wood fibreboards, microgoffered lacquer in black or white. Shelves have various standard heights and fit into the backs through concealed slots. Feet are adjustable and the bookcase is ready for wall mounting.

alt2_libreria-random-652-1385576291 alt3_libreria-random-652-1385576291

By flanking more units, also with the Random Box or Random Cabinet, large-sized configurations of strong impact can be created. Random Box has compartments in standard size, open or closed by doors, and with one drawer compartment. Random Cabinet is a storage unit with compartments in standard size, closed by doors

alt3_libreria-random-box-653-1385576784 libreria-random-cabinet-654-1385578549 alt1_libreria-random-box-653-1385576784

Randomito bookcase is small and hanging, available in white, orange, sand and green. The single unit, which can always be turned upside down, allows the creation of large-sized configurations of great impact.

libreria-randomito-655-1386066932 alt3_libreria-randomito-655-1385579190 alt2_libreria-randomito-655-1385579190

Another MDF Italia product that we like is Melody, a bookcase available in black or white, where also big volumes have a place. By flanking more units, you can create large-sized configurations.


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