Zona Tortona, in Milan, is the design, art and events district: galleries, showrooms and creative studios have replaced the old factories in what 70 years ago was an industrial area.

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The Nhow Hotel, in Via Tortona, was built by Italian architect Matteo Thun from the conversion of an iconic industrial building formerly occupied by General Electric and is now at the center of the scene during major design and fashion events in Milan.

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The fluid design by Matteo Thun translates into a hotel that offers guests style and taste but also uniqueness and personality of the rooms, furnished with modular elements composed in a different way in each of the 256 rooms. The hotel offers much more than mere hospitality: the structure has space for events and fashion shows and its corridors are small art galleries.

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In addition to the 256 rooms, the hotel offers a presidential suite of 260 square meters on two levels and a spa suite. The decor is eclectic, in part designed specifically for the hotel with a palette of vibrant colors and lots of stylish touches, such as hot tubs available in some of the suites. The common areas have an eclectic and whimsical style: lounges, restaurants and bars offer a young athmosphere that combines street art and design pieces.

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