salone2014_6(1)The prestigious Italian manufacturer Edra produces chairs and armchairs not only original, but definitely unique. Let’s discover them. 

If for some armchair models it is hard to think about relax, the design effect is assured and the element becomes a unique piece in the room.

Vermelha armchair has an aluminium structure and steel legs. The making of this armchair takes several days of hand work, necessary to roll up the about 500 metres of special rope around the frame.

Vermelha Armchair 2

Rose Chair  armchair was inspired by a rose and has the flower shape. It is a real tailoring artwork: the petals are applied one by one on the silver or gold metal frame). They are covered in velvet of several colors, and red is the most recommended one for the resulting look.

Rose Chair Armchair 1_rid

Getsuen armchair too is inspired by a flower, the lily. It has a rigid stucture, hidden under the velvet-covered padding and has green castors on its back that recall a stem. It is also available in the Diamond version, with a shiny Swarowksy fabric (Kevlar).

Getsuen Armchair 1

Algels armchair is covered in velvet and characterized by sinuous shapes and offers several possibilities of seating, thanks to a movable backrest.

Angels Armchair 1

Led lighting characterize Alice armchair: available in yellow, green, blue and pink, it has a rigid polyurethane structure under which a 5-metres tubular lamp is applied. This system allows the outdoor use of the armchair.

Alice Small Armchair 1

Grinza armchair is definitely original. It takes its name after the folds of the leather, that thanks to a special working looks like placed in a completely random way.

Grinza Armchair 4

Among armchairs, Cipria offers extreme softness. It is composed of big round cushions covered in ecologic fur.

Cipria Armchair 1

Among Edra chairs, we want to show you two, both completely outside the traditional standards of the design: Jenette, characterized by a backrest composed of hundreds of polyurethane sticks, and Gina, with its special pattern that recalls the visual effect of a kaleidoscope.

Jenette Chair 3 Gina

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