Tomassini Arredamenti and Falegnameria Tomassini carpentry made a new project for the suites of this wonderful hotel in Sardinia.

The structure is in front of an azure sea, with sun, strong fragrances and wild nature, where you can still find evident Spanish influence traces. The project aimed to restore the hotel last floor, where 5 suites with sea view have been remodeled to achieve a contact with the outdoor landscape. Rotating the former beds positions, the designer made a search for a direct sea view. IMG_2336

In the bedrooms we can see an almost romantic essentiality. Neutral shades on the walls and travertine floors create an imperceptible frame for the outside view. On this background, the colors of Manuel Canovas’s fabrics complete the environment and give it a light Summer atmosphere.

IMG_2293 DSC_9849 DSC_9798

White pieces of furniture blend with the other elements to give a genuine and natural look. White low tables, armchairs and chairs are inspired by Eero Saarinen furniture.delux 1 bluDSC_9691 copia DSC_9786 DSC_9766


As the architect Andrea Tomassini, who realized the project, explained, “nowadays, reading magazines and reviews about design, it looks like the only ‘proper’ approach to contract is the utilitaristic one, where an extreme simplification leads to functionality and ergonomy. This -Tomassini says- is true only in part: even if a hotel room is small, we have to think about it as a suite, where a guest not only sleeps, but lives, creating a direct relationship with the hotel. The suite becomes his or her shelter, a personal living area where the client expresses its way of life and where the hotel offers its nature and aesthetic value.”

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