The kitchen is the heart of the home: a place dedicated to conviviality and sharing, which deserves a well-organised, safe and welcoming environment. Choosing the right kitchen is without doubt the most delicate moment when planning a home. Not only because of the multitude of models, but also because of the extensive range of materials and accessories.

The kitchen should not only be beautiful but, above all it should be suited to everyone’s needs. Made-to-measure solutions are possible thanks to fitted kitchens with components sliding into place like a glove. Columns, containers, cupboards, tops and islands grant the possibility of creating creative and versatile solutions.


The latest generation kitchens respond to the needs of modern society blending tradition with new materials and finishings and the dream kitchen easily becomes reality. The kitchen, with the multitude of aesthetic and functional choices available, gives everyone the chance expressing their own personality (for more information

The first step when choosing a kitchen is to understand which style goes best with your home: classic, modern, minimal or coloured. Then, starting with the space available, it can be placed: in line, in an “L” or “U” shape; with a peninsula or an island.

After having chosen which type, the next step is the choice of components. There is also a vast range of ovens, sinks, internal equipment and cookers. For instance the sink can be single or double, built-in or placed directly on the work top. The cooker can be electricity or gas, built-in or placed on top of the work top, with three, four or five rings.

Cesar – Example of sinks

Cesar – Example of cookers 

Poliform – Example of cookers and sinks


When planning a kitchen the choice of material plays an important role. This choice is very important not only from an aesthetic point of view as it distinguishes the space, but also from an economical and practical one. It is necessary to bear in mind three main components: the internal structure, covering and work top.

Internal structure

The internal structure is usually in wood which can be solid, honeycomb core, veneered or chipboard. The difference between these materials is the quality and price. This material is not visible as it is covered by the external finishing.

Door and coverings and sides

With covering we mean the material used to cover the doors and sides of the kitchen. These can be in:

  • Wood, the most classical material of all, usually durmast, walnut, elm or cherry;
  • Lacquered, with open or closed pores, in a vast choice of colours which can be matt or gloss;
  • Steel, this material is mainly used in restaurants but it has recently become popular also domestically thanks to its resistance and industrial appearance;
  • Laminated, made of synthetic layers applied onto wooden panels, available in matt or gloss colours, imitates wood offering an economical advantage;
  • Frosted glass, often used in futuristic style models, this finishing is available in a range of colours, with printed designs or engravings.

Poliform – List of coverings for doors and profili:

Work tops

The work top is the most used part of the kitchen and therefore is more subject to wear and tear. The top is available in many different materials that, combined with other finishings, guarantees a final result of great visual impact. The different materials have in common the facility of cleaning and resistance, features that determine the quality and duration of a good kitchen.

The work top can be in:

  • Marble or stone, marble is the ultimate elegant material, its noteworthy aesthetic characteristics come at a cost. Stone is another lovely natural and durable material but less precious;
  • Quartz, for lovers of marble but who want a less demanding material, the quartz work top is an excellent compromise: very resistant, easy to clean and available in several colours;
  • Laminated, just like the doors the laminated work top comes in several colours and can be imitation wood or marble. It is extremely resistant to bumps and scratches but has a poor fire resistance;
  • Steel, ideal for high-tech lovers, these worktops are hygienic and extremely resistant. Attention must be paid to scratching and cleaning which must be carried out only with appropriate products;
  • Frosted glass, great for the more modern kitchens thanks to its translucent aspect. These work tops are not only lovely to look at but are also resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

Poliform – List of work top coverings

The most famous firms

Arrital, Cesar, Arclinea and Poliform are just some of the Italian brands that have transformed kitchen planning into a true and proper art. These firms offer maximum compositional flexibility to define spaces according to one’s own taste and need. Technical innovations, excellent quality material and thoroughly studied details offer a kitchen experience without comparison. Not only sinks and cookers, these kitchens can be planned with state-of-the-art containment systems and equipped walls.

Phoenix kitchen by Poliform

Phoenix is one of the cult kitchens presented by Poliform in 2014. Its essential design and stylistic shape made it famous right from the word go. The Phoenix kitchen was born to offer a sensory experience to everyday life: in fact the combination of materials makes it not only beautiful but also pleasant to the touch. The compositional solutions that Poliform offers are easily adaptable for both large open space and smaller environments. The absence of handles highlights the contemporary and minimalist style of this kitchen even more (for more information ).

Kitchen Phoenix with quarzo embossed lacquered base units, tall units in black elm, carbone embossed lacquered wall units. Worktop in micro-blasted nero sand quartzite. Back panel in walnut c. Carbone embossed lacquered equipped back Shaker.

Kitchen Phoenix with base units and worktop in steel scotch brite, peninsula top in spessart oak. Carbone embossed lacquered back Shaker with spessart oak back panel.

Ak_04 Kitchen by Arrital

Ak is a range of kitchens for contemporary style lovers by Arrital. Among these, the one that stands out for its aesthetic and flexible composition is surely the Ak_04 kitchen. This kitchen is dominated by steel, hygienic and resistant material that further enhances its decisive shape. In fact the doors have an extruded aluminium frame, light with a reduced thickness, onto which different finishings can be applied such as glass, stone or wood. Apart from a series of modular units, Ak_04 can also be customised thanks to a wide range of accessories such as snack tables, islands, peninsulas, containers and bookcases (for more information?

The kitchen is synonymous of sharing and conviviality, functionality and resistance are not the only important aspects but it must also give us a feeling of well-being at home. Most importantly the materials, accessories and style must reflect our personality, offering an environment which perfectly suits our taste.


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