When innovation and elegance come together the result is a company that for almost 50 years has succeeded in conquering the world with its timeless collections.

Poliform was born in 1970 as an evolution of a small craft business founded in 1942. What makes it stand out from other companies is its immediate interest for new productive technologies orientated towards modular systems.

Poliform has never forsaken its family aspect even though enjoying success at an international level. Alberto Spinelli, with his cousins Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani, have headed the company since it was founded. Thanks to their courage, over time Poliform has become an industrial reality now present in more than seventy countries the world over (for more information ? http://bit.ly/2kdaAHT).

The collections and designers

A never ending quest for absolute quality has allowed the company to always be on the ball towards requests of modern society. The Poliform collection, paean of essentiality and elegance, includes a large choice of furniture and systems, created for every space in the house: soft furniture, containers, tables, beds, bookcases and wardrobes.

The Poliform collection can boast solid foundations born from a continuous technological research guaranteeing maximum quality in every single design. One of Poliform’s recipes of success is without a doubt the collaboration with the best architects and designers of the moment.

Important names such as Rodolfo Dordoni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Marcel Wanders, Carlo Colombo, Vincent Van Duysen, Paolo Piva, Paola Navone, Studio Kairos, Roberto Barbieri and Roberto Lazzeroni, who have contributed with their creativity to the birth of designs which have become icons. We need only think about the series of Mad armchairs by Marcel Wanders, the Bristol sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud or the Concorde table by Emmanuel Gallina.

Keep tidy in style

One of the most appreciated and sold collections of Poliform is without doubt the wardrobes and walk-in closets. These solutions have been thoroughly studied down to the last detail in order to organize spaces in a simple and functional way without foregoing aesthetics. For this reason Poliform offers a vast choice of flexible, modular and customised solutions thanks to an enormous quantity of elements and finishings available.

The wardrobes

New Entry, Surf and Stratus are just some of the most famous wardrobes created by Poliform. Eegancy together with maximum dimensional and compositional versatility have crowned them with success. This collection includes a multitude of solutions to satisfy every need.

Poliform designs wardrobes not just as simple containers but as true and proper elements of design. Each space is created to hold different objects thanks to an exceptional variety of solutions for the internal shelves. The doors can be chosen from different finishings: glass, lacquered opaque colours, lacquered opaque oak shades, Spessart oak, lacquered Artik chipboard in opaque colours or leather  (for more information http://bit.ly/2GSuAoX).

The walk-in closets

The walk-in closet is a true and proper spot in the home which is entirely personal. A corner where the space is made-to-measure, selecting the best materials and paying great attention to detail. Drawers, containers, trays and shoe racks are just a few of the elements available to create Poliform walk-in closets.

These systems are totally flexible thanks to a great series of accessories that organize spaces without leaving anything to chance. From clothes to the watch, from the belt to shoes, a place for everything and everything in its place (for more information http://bit.ly/2CKw4zb).

Which one?

In most cases the choice between a wardrobe or a walk-in closet is dictated by the space on hand. But thanks to Poliform’s made-to-measure systems and modular units, now it’s possible to take maximum advantage of every available centimetre to create a walk-in closet or wardrobe that guarantee maximum functionality even in confined spaces.

The walk-in closet immediately conjures up the idea of a luxury home but in reality it is possible to create one also in small homes using the available space to the maximum. A window is not necessary: in this way the darkest spots of a home such as hallways, attics or recesses can be taken advantage of. The minimum dimension must allow a person to enter easily, on average if the space is less than around 120 centimetres, a wardrobe would be a better option.

Illumination is a fundamental element of a walk-in closet. In most cases there is no natural light and a good illumination grants the possibility of distinguishing colours and material. Poliform offers an integrated LED light system.

Our designs

The plan we propose is a large walk-in closet at a mansion in Miami. The request was to have a well organized and functional area with one wall dedicated to the husband and two for the wife. We opted for the Bangkok wardrobe system, which is part of the famous Senzafine line by Poliform. This collection stands out for its refined design and excellence of materials selected.

The design develops in a room of about 25 sq m in size. The wardrobes are distributed along three walls with the tailor made free-standing chest of drawers in the centre covered with white marble. The walk-in closet was designed down to the last detail and created according to customer request of which they were able to view the final result thanks to the rendering made by our design team.


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