alt1_divano-standard-37-1399103648Before starting decorating a house, we often need to study and get well-informed on furniture styles, materials, and the best use of space. We browse interior design magazines, consult interior architects and designers, visit showrooms and furniture stores. Doing so, we build a culture on the subject in order to be able to make the right choices and to furnish the house without making mistakes, according to our personal taste and needs.
The living area is the one on which we invest more time and resources, because it is the most important area of the house, where we spend the most time and where we receive friends.

A key element of the living room is the sofa, as it welcomes the inhabitants of the house and their friends in moments of relaxation and conviviality. The style of the sofa should be consistent with the rest of the furniture or, alternatively, it can represent a counterpoint: for example, a sofa with a classic and traditional design can be paired with ultra-modern decor. In addition to aesthetics, the the functionality and the ability to last of the sofa should be assessed. These aspects depend on the materials used to build the couch and the materials used for the coating, which typically are leather or fabric.

There are many styles of sofa, whose names are often known only by insiders or design enthusiasts. Do you know, for example, how does a Chesterfield sofa look? Or a Camelback sofa?

Let’s see what they are and what characteristics they have various styles of sofa.

Chesterfield sofa

The Chesterfield sofa has a very traditional, elegant and recognizable look, thanks to its quilted backrest with capitonné, which consists in the insertion of buttons of the same color of the coating. A Chesterfield sofa is usually coated in leather. Sometimes the seat is quilted as well. The armrest are high and rounded.

Chester Moon Sofa by Baxter

Chester Moon Sofa by Baxter

Lawson sofa

This style of sofa is devoted to comfort, with a low and squarish back, comprised of pillows separate from the frame. The armrests are squared or rounded and are lower than the back.

Camelback sofa

The camelback style was launched in the eighteenth century by Thomas Chippendale. A camelback sofa has a back that is higher to the center and descend sideways towards the armrests with a curved line. The camelback sofas usually have wooden feet and a wooden frame along the backrest and armrests. The design is very classic, but you can also find contemporary reinterpretations.

Chaise Longue

A chaise longue is a hybrid between an armchair and a sofa that invites you to lie down. The back is placed on the short side. Sometimes there is no armrest. The chaise longue are widely used in spacious luxury bedrooms or for outdoor decor.

Chaise Longue Feel Good by Flexform

Chaise Longue Feel Good by Flexform


A futon sofa has almost the appearance of a bed and can be used as such. It has very low backrrest and armrest, or it has no backrest and armrest at all.

Contemporary sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are the most popular contemporary sofa. They consist of several elements that can be combined differently depending on your aesthetic preferences and space requirements, allowing maximum customization. The sectional sofa may in fact be configured as sofas angular or linear sofa, with a variable number of sessions. The modular sofas are characterized by large, comfortable seating and they look generous and welcoming. The coatings can be both leather or fabric.


The Standard Sofa by Edra is a beautiful example of modern sectional sofa. Its design inspired by the clouds makes it a soft and cozy sofa where the pillow serves as the backrest and armrest, adjustable at will. Everything in this sofa recalls the visual and tactile sensations of lightness and movement associated with clouds. The combinations possible with the modules available are endless: besides the classic elements, rectangular, hexagonal, and irregular elements are available, which contribute to the creation of a couch definitely out of the ordinary.


The Standard sofa, created by Francesco Binfaré for Edra, was the star of the Salone del Mobile 2013. The Standard sofa by Edra invites relaxation allowing maximum freedom of positions for conversation, reading or resting. The back is solid but soft and it is beautiful both from the front and the back.


Each cushion is adjustable and reclining in any direction thanks to the joints, the internal invisible mechanisms that, with simple and light pressures, can be folded forwards, backwards, in some cases can be flattened, up to 180 ° to freely create new ideas of sofa. The Standard sofa by Edra, thanks to its seats of different shape and depth, can be configured as a linear, angular, angular open or free plan sofa. Each solution makes this sofa an oasis of relaxation and comfort in your living room.


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