standard_22The Standard sofa is to be considered as a real project more than as a simple seat. Manufactured by Edra company, a leader in the field of Made in Italy furniture, Standard is born from the creativity of the well-known designer Francesco Binfaré.

The subject that inspired the Standard sofa was that of clouds. Everything, in this seat, recalls visual and tactile sensations that can be associated to clouds and to their lightweight and continuous change features.


One can say that the combinations deriving from the several modules available are countless: they range from the more traditional linear sofa to completely customized compositions of small and large dimensions, corner-shaped or semicircle-shaped. To complete the product line, rectangular, hexagonal and semicircular elements are available. They contribute to the creation of a sofa that can definitely be considered as a unique piece of furniture.

standard_2 standard_8 standard_11

The feature of infinite clouds mutation, in the Standard sofa, is reproduced using mobile parts situated at the edges of all backrests and armrests. Each part works by the means of an invisible internal mechanism and, with a simple and light pressure of the hand, can be bent forward and backward, in some cases 180 degrees, to freely create new sofa ideas, completely responsive to the users comfort needs.

standard_16 standard_17 standard_18 standard_19

The visual and tactile lightweight and volatility of the clouds is recreated in the Standard sofa also in the cushions and covering. Edra produced the exclusive cotton and viscose chenille fabric Nuvola expressly for this Binfaré project. The fabric, sky-blue and white, combines the three-dimensional visual aspect of the sky to the tactile one of illusory softness of clouds. For the lovers of traditional upholstery, the sofa is also available in other fabric types and in limited leather categories that allow mobile parts to be bent.

standard_3 standard_4

In all those cases, the final result is that of a comfort oasis where it is possible to relax but also to have conversations plunged in a fabulous sensation of softness.


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