Tomassini Arredamenti contributed in creating the indoor and outdoor areas of this wonderful design penthouse in Umbria. The project included made-to-measure interior furniture and the design lay-out of the large terrace.

The beauty of this penthouse is the natural light that pervades every corner creating a cosy atmosphere yet full of life. The large sliding windows directly connect the indoor and outdoor areas making the terrace an extension of the living quarters.

The project includes three main elements: the use of modern material such as steel, cement, glass and wood; the choice of innovative design furniture matching the style of the home; and finally the strong bond between indoor and outdoor.

The terrace project

The terrace was conceived as a true and proper “en plein air” living area. It was subdivided into functions: an area to relax with sofas and armchairs from the Roda collection, the raised Jacuzzi and the dining area with table and chairs in a more sheltered zone.

Three materials were mostly used: basalt for the paving, solid iroko for the platform and finishings of the Jacuzzi and white painted stainless steel for the furniture and day zone.

The wooden base flows dynamically along the perimeter of the terrace creating a slight difference in height which grants the possibility of creating a platform for flowerpots and the Jacuzzi. Shade is provided by a wooden, metal and glass pergola complete with ceiling recessed roller blinds guaranteeing light in winter and shade in the summer.

How to plan a garden terrace

To design a terrace that is welcoming in all seasons attention must be paid to some aspects. The use of suitable material, shade and the choice of furniture are details that should be taken into account when planning an outdoor zone.


Shade plays a very important role when planning an outdoor zone. In this case the problem was solved by inserting a wooden and glass pergola covering the area of relax. Pergolas are, in most cases, the best solution to shade from the sun and create a comfortable environment. The structure is in wood or metal with either glass or fabric recessed ceiling curtains which can be opened or closed thus guaranteeing maximum protection to the area below.

The material

Choosing the right material is extremely important for the duration and beauty of outdoor spaces. In particular, the choice of external paving is fundamental, choosing the material that is most suited to the context and climate is utmost. Wood, porcelain, stone or synthetic materials are just a few of the available materials.

The greenery

One cannot envisage a terrace without thinking about the choice of plants. The most important thing is to select the right plants according to climate and necessity. Evergreens shield us from winter winds and provide privacy all year round, while hemi boreal plants proudly display the coming and going of the seasons providing us with shade in the summer and sun in the winter.

The furniture

By choosing the right furniture the terrace becomes another room to enjoy during the warm season, great for eating outside or simply to chill out. Thanks to a balanced mix of technology, aesthetics and functionality, the outdoor collections offer the same comfort and practicality as indoor furniture.

Among Italian brands specialised in outdoor furniture, Roda can most certainly boast a place of honour. The company has been producing successful collections with wood as the protagonist for almost 20 years. Roda furnishings blend perfectly into any environment thanks to a harmonious and versatile style with the colours and materials bringing you closer to nature (for more information

If you like the style chosen for the plan, the Mistral collection is the one for you. The collection includes a sofa, an armchair and a lounger. The structure is in solid teak complete with strapping in grey, tobacco or olive green (for more information ?

Pay attention to all of these small details that will allow you to gain an extra room to take full advantage of when the weather is good. A terrace with well organised spaces and comfortable furniture will be an added value to your home making it a true and proper paradise.


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