Stress is the cause of many diseases and health problems. Even healthier lifestyle – sport, proper nutrition, avoiding harmful vices like smoking or alcohol – can not guarantee to maintain a state of good health if we are gripped by anxiety and worries generated by work and family matters.

Stress and tension are the greatest threat to our well-being and are linked to serious heart disease and neurological disorders. Learning to relieve anxiety and carve each day the right time devoted to leisure and relaxation is therefore an important gesture for the physical and psychological health.

Here are 5 main benefits of relaxation.

1. Relaxation is good for the heart

Stress increases blood pressure and raises the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. Relaxation is essential to heart health because it relieves tension, soothes the mind and lowers levels of adrenaline.

2. Relaxation improves the functioning of the immune system

A 1990 study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University has shown that chronic stress is related to lowering of immune defenses. Subjects wiht chronic stress have proved to have double the risk of getting a cold than those who present low or normal stress levels.

3. Relaxation improves memory capacity

Stress puts a strain on the capacity of attention and concentration, making it difficult to store information. Stress can also accelerate the degenerative processes of Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Relaxation takes away depression

The stress in the long run, because the states of sadness and discouragement, and in severe cases can lead to depression. Relax helps to raise the levels of serotonin and dopamine, and stave off depression.

5. Relaxation helps to make the right decisions

It is intuitive: when you are stressed it is difficult to think clearly. Taking a moment to relax before an important decision can help to clear the mind and to find the right balance to reflect and make the right assessments.

Relaxation is so important to our health. It is very important to find time each day to devote to yourself and enjoy moments of idleness, for example taking a walk outdoors or just relaxing on the sofa at home with a good book and a herbal tea.


If the workplace and social life are the places of “doing” where you mostly feel the stress, your home should instead be a haven of calm, that leaves out any concerns. The furniture plays an essential role in creating an environment that promotes serenity and relaxation, especially in the areas dedicated to leisure as the living room.
To reconcile the calm and soothe stress, the living room should be decorated with neutral and restful colors. Wood give a sense of warmth and intimacy. For the same purpose it is preferable to choose an orderly arrangement of the furniture rather than searching for originality at all costs.


The sofa is the piece of furniture that welcomes family and friends in times of sharing and conversation. A sofa that inspires relaxation and calm is a soft and generous sofa, the wide and welcoming seat as Wing sofa by Flexform.


The Wing sofa has a sober and refined taste. As described by home decor website Designdiffusion, Its profile expresses both lightness and rigor. The feature that makes this sofa unique is the availability of the coating in cashmere, presented in delicate textures herringbone and houndstooth, ton sur ton.


The metal base, lifted from the ground and with slim and almost invisible legs, can be chosen in different finishings including a particularly delicate champagne shade. The back is rectangular and soft, low and deep, and it invites you to sit and relax. The cover, in leather or fabric, is removable. Linear and modular Wing sofa by Flexform, designed by Antonio Citterio, combines the rationality of the design with the functionality and looks like a synthesis of formality and aesthetics.
The Wing sofa by Flexform is part of a collection that includes ottomans, armchairs and chaise longue.

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