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Nowadays, the sofa is a must-have a piece of furniture in our homes, but how many of us know its history?

The sofa has very ancient origins. At the time of the Egyptians, chairs with carved wood backrest and armrest already exhisted and were covered with cushions that made them comfortable.
In Ancient Greece the “ancestors” of the sofas were armchairs with inlaid wood frame, decorated with small bronze sculptures. In Ancient Rome, the legs of the chairs were replaced by lion’s paws and this decoration has been mantained in classic furniture throughout history.

The Baroque period brought a great change in furniture style. The wood continued to be used with great preference for ebony, the seats were made of leather and cane.

At the time of French King Louis XV the marquise, the voyeuse, and the Bergère chairs made their appearence.

The rococo style replaced the rich and extravagant baroque style with lighter and round lines. The first sofas and sofas with rectilinear forms and classic decor were born during the neoclassic period.

The modern sofa was born in the twentieth century and goes from the product of craft to industrial product manufactured in series.

The design is inspired by the functionality and a great novelty is introduced: the sofa is no longer constituted by a single block and sectional modules. The modular sofa can be customized and answers to all the needs of space and use.

As of last century, the sofa has become a fundamental furniture of the house and the most important of the living area. Sofas created by leading designers have become cult items of contemporary design and are part of the prestigious collections of major museums such as the MoMA, the Centre Pompidou, the Design Museum and many others.
One of the companies of furniture that stands out for its innovative style is Edra, iconic brand of contemporary design. Its designers are prominent names like Umeda, Campana and Binfaré.

In 2000, Francis Binfaré created the Flap sofa, which has become a classic in the Edra collection. Flap Sofa is the key model of the italian company; it certainly stands out for the originality of its shape and for a great functional flexibility.

It has been designed to be placed in the middle of the room where, thanks to its curves and its sinuous shape, it can draw all the attentions on it. This sofa lends itself to different uses: its movable parts are inspired to the flaps of the wings of an airplane and they can take up to six positions. In this way you are free to choose to your liking the personality of the day of your sofa.
Flap Sofa has a sinuous shape but a strong structure too. The frame of the sofa is in tubular metal. The movable parts are attached singly to double steel mechanisms. The base is in brushed and chromed metal and the feet are in chromed metal with scratch-proof aluminum and rubber tips. A special attention has also been given, of course, to the quality of the filling which is realized by hand with more than 180 different pieces of flexible and breathable polyurethane.

The choice of the upholstery of the sofa is completely yours. Flap Sofa can be covered with fabric or leather, always with a back cover in Lycra. The selection of fabrics and yarns shows the originality of the brand Edra: Flap sofa has both a choice of colors and traditional textures, and a range of fashionable fabrics. The different kind of leathers instead are very soft: this particular feature has allowed the manufacture to create an interesting game of seams and to ensure the mobility of the elements without affecting the wear of the upholstery itself. Different versions of the Flap sofaare available on request. They are different in price but the seat is inimitable.

A modern conception of the design is shown by Flap Sky Kiss, a sofa which comes in leather with prints inspired by pop-art. The upholstery is expressly designed by the designer Binfaré. In this version, in fact, the sofa becomes a large painting representing a romantic kiss under a starry sky between a man and a woman with blond hair flowing in the wind.

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