W Hotel (10)W Hotel is an urban oasis that offers guests a retreat from the bustle of the “city that never sleeps.” The Hotel is located in the heart of Midtown East, at 541 Lexington Ave, and offers a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere to those visiting the Big Apple for business or pleasure.

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Inside, soothing natural colors and round shapes are a counterpoint to the modern design furniture, while the white is balanced by shades of forests and earth.

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The bedrooms are decorated in wood of an intense and rich coffee color that encourages relaxation, reading and meditation.

W Hotel (4)The headboards are decorated with an abstract backlit photo which can be interpreted as the silhouette of the hills or of a woman’s body, inspiring a sense of peace and contemplation. The ceilings are painted in a warm and saturated purple tone.

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The corner office next to the bed, chic and functional, is furnished with a wooden desk with glass top on metal legs. The chair has a soft chenille coating which reproduces the purple shades of the ceiling. The flat screen television in the corner can be swiveled for a comfortable view from anywhere in the room.

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The suites, with double height ceilings and a loft with a second bedroom, are characterized by a design that evokes the energy and vibe of Manhattan. The color scheme in the suites alternates neutral tones like cream and chocolate with iridescent colors like silver and bronze.

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