Is it time to renovate the kitchen?

Compared to other rooms of the house, the kitchen is more subject to wear because of the presence of appliances that are used daily.

When choosing a new kitchen, then, we need to choose high quality materials to ensure excellent durability. As for the design, it is advisable to choose versatile aesthetic that can adapt to the changes we might want to do over time to the rest of the house.

A white kitchen is definitely the most timeless and versatile solutions. White gives a feeling of space and light, even in confined spaces that receive little natural light.

If a white kitchen seems too plain, the key is the color accents and the right combinations, such as those with black or with the wood essences.

Here are 4 ideas for your white kitchen.

White kitchen with black accents


Sharp by Varenna

White kitchen combined with wood essences


Ak kitchen by Arrital

White kitchen combined with shades of gray


Mila by Cesar

White kitchen with steel and glass


Matrix by Varenna

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