De Castelli

In 2003 Albino Celato, starting from the experience of his family in the iron working, founded De Castelli, nowadays one of the leader company in metalworking field, which has become a symbol of the Made in Italy high quality in the world. The De Castelli collection comes up from the meeting between traditional craftsmanship and cooperations with top Designers.

De Castelli

In all its products common materials gain a new meaning and the emotional impact is impressive: the careful craftsmanship process makes these items real sculptures, between design and art. The De Castelli Edition is a new collection of vases and sculptures introduced in 2010 designed by leading international architects and designers such as Michele De Lucchi, Aldo Cibic, Ramon Esteve and Philippe Nigro. Iron, corten, stainless steel and brass come to life in the form of refined and innovative furniture, in constant evolution.

50 years of experience in Made in Italy furniture

More than 150 Top Brands distributed

Shipping to more than 40 countries around the world

Free design service

100% guaranteed WORLDWIDE delivery

Custom furniture joinery

More than 2500 square meters of showroom on 2 floors

After Sales Assistance

100% original products

safe customized packaging

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