Agresti is a family-run company that for over 60 years has been producing strongboxes and fine furniture that combine the best materials with a great attention to the processing techniques. Experience, tradition and Made in Italy are just three of the key concepts of the production of this prestigious Florentine company.


All the raw materials used, such as stones, metals, leather or crystals come from Italy and they are skillfully handcrafted by expert craftsmen in the Florentine laboratories; the automatic watches' rotors and the fine wooden veneers only are carefully selected and imported from Switzerland and from Africa and the United States respectively, to ensure the customer all high quality components. Agresti not only creates safe, but also drawers and compartments to store jewellery, pens or documents, original items for cigars and games and even wine cellars. These pieces of furniture are unique thanks to the perfect combination of design and functionality: the company's aim is to create safe strongboxes equipped with a biometric recognition system or with a touch keyboard and with the anchoring on the wall but which also stands out for refinement and style and can be placed directly inside the bedroom. Agresti try to create luxury furniture but with the concept of love for luxury they mean elegance and preciousness.

50 years of experience in Made in Italy furniture

More than 150 Top Brands distributed

Shipping to more than 40 countries around the world

Free design service

100% guaranteed WORLDWIDE delivery

Custom furniture joinery

More than 2500 square meters of showroom on 2 floors

After Sales Assistance

100% original products

safe customized packaging

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