Founded in 2005 in the heart of the Marche region, Karman is a lighting company that, starting from the Italian province, has managed to cross the national borders, and distribute its products all over the world.


The secret of its success lies in the company's ability to combine the drive towards internationalization and innovation with the awareness of its own territorial identity and the passion for light, understood as a functional element that still retains a hint of magic. Experimentation, curiosity, amazement and unpredictability are the key principles from which all the projects signed by Karman derive, and which give shape to objects with a significant aesthetic and emotional value. These products are able to elicit sensations and memories through the balanced use of aesthetic refiment, modern design, and cutting-edge technologies. To do this, Karman relies on the collaboration with Italian designers and companies led by the art director Matteo Ugolini, whose artistic line aims at evoking emotions and sensations of the past, while adopting an unconventional brand-new style.

50 years of experience in Made in Italy furniture

More than 150 Top Brands distributed

Shipping to more than 40 countries around the world

Free design service

100% guaranteed WORLDWIDE delivery

Custom furniture joinery

More than 2500 square meters of showroom on 2 floors

After Sales Assistance

100% original products

safe customized packaging

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