Flexform Mood

Flexform Mood is a brand launched by Italian manufacturer Flexform in 2001. Flexform Mood Home Collection offers a unique and relaxed style, suitable for both home and contract. The distinctive character of Flexform Mood collection is the eclecticism that combines traditional and contemporary design, deco and retro mixed together, resulting in a new, unique and cosmopolitan style.

Flexform Mood

Flexform Mood catalog includes furniture for both the night area and the living area as sofas, armchairs, chairs, chaise longue, ottomans, beds, tables, coffee tables, bookcases, lamps, mirrors and consoles. Leading products Flexform Mood are upholstered furniture, including the Caress sofa, Francis sofa, Harold sofa and Orson sofa, Dragonfly, Lysandre and Wave Box armchairs. All Flexform Mood products are characterized by quality, classic elegance, high craftsmanship, comfort, color, value and durability. The first Flexform Mood collection was made by American designer John Hutton, who was art director until 2005 and was succeeded first by Carlo Colombo and then by Roberto Lazzeroni.

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