Opinion Ciatti

The Opinion Ciatti company's is a family story: it was the year 1950 when it was founded in Florence by Rolando Ciatti, today under the direction of Lapo Ciatti. Great insights have marked its history: starting with Rolando's research aimed at finding the right location for the strange object that would soon populate all Italian homes, the television.

Opinion Ciatti

All the products in Opinion Ciatti's collection are united by the same passion animated by a great dream: to create objects that makes life easier and take care of the people who use them.

Opinion Ciatti offers a range of concrete and highly identifiable objects that can personalize any environment. In fact, in the company's vision, furniture complements are "spices and sauces" that, when wisely dosed, can flavor rooms/dishes and intoxicate the senses. Among the brand's furniture proposals we find the Ptolomeo bookcase by Bruno Rainaldi: as "banal" as it is bold, perfect for organizing books in any type of room of your home. Also not going unnoticed are the Con.tradition lamps designed by Sara Bernardi whose concept is based on the apparent contradiction between the contemporary style with its essentiality (Con.) and the Chinese millennial style in its richness (.tradition).

Tomassini Arredamenti offers a Worldwide Delivery Service, we followed projects and successfully delivered Opinion Ciatti products in various foreign countries, such as United Arab Emirates,  Switzerland, USA and Australia. Check out our projects in Miami, Singapore, Dubai, New York, Hong Kong and Abu Dabi. Through our Interior Design Service you can ask our team for a consulting, we will be glad to help you in styling your house.

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