Gallotti & Radice

Gallotti & Radice is an Italian furniture company founded in 1956 by designers Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice and based in the Brianza region. Gallotti & Radice was the first furniture brand in Italy to promote the use of glass in the production of furniture. With its vast experience working with glass, Gallotti & Radice adopts various techniques and technologies when producing semi-finished goods which are used to achieve excellent products.

Gallotti & Radice

Two different production lines, one highly industrialised and one focusing on handcraftsmanship associated with traditions, characterise the Gallotti & Radice work cycles: on one hand, production achieved using high-level technologies and sophisticated automated mechanisms enable the achievement of modular and multiple components for serial and standard products. On the other hand, handcrafted production offer a customised service and exclusive solutions created by expert hands that work the glass with care and knowledge transforming it into a design product. Gallotti & Radice works in collaboration with well-known and accomplished designers like Patricia Urquiola, Roberto Lazzeroni, Carlo Colombo, Monica Armani, Andreas Weber, Nanda Vigo and many others. Gallotti & Radice designs and produces its collections in Italy. The products demonstrate excellence, quality of details, finishes and forms.

Gallotti & Radice puts great attention in environment sustainability: glass, aluminium, steel, are the main materials used in Gallotti & Radice production and they are 100% recyclable. At the same time, the collection, separation, recovery and disposal processes of aluminium, steel, brass, paper and cardboard and all other workmanship rejects are handled with extreme care.

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