Is Tomassini Arredamenti only an online shop or has it also got a showroom?
Tomassini Arredamenti is an Italian company and has been present on the design furniture market for over thirty years and has a showroom in Terni of over 1500 sqm., a warehouse and a carpentry workshop to manufacture made-to-measure furniture.

Is it possible to visit the Tomassini Arredamenti showroom and purchase directly?
Sure! Come and visit us at our shop (we are just an hour from Rome):

Tomassini Arredamenti
Via Curio Fornaci, 3 - Zona industriale Maratta
05100 Terni
Umbria – Italy

(Mon-Sat 9.00 am -1.00 pm / 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm - Sunday closed)


Can I have a quotation over the phone?
You can contact our telephone customer service to clarify any doubt you may have concerning the products or purchase modalities, but not prices. To have a quotation you must send your request directly to our website www.tomassiniarredamenti.it or by e-mail to [email protected]

If I request a quotation, can I have the price immediately or must I wait?
The quotation is not an automatic process but is prepared by our Staff who have to consider all the details of the requested articles as well as transport costs, etc., so it takes time and needs attention. Generally we manage to answer within 4-5 working days.

Can I request one quotation for more products?
Of course! After having clicked on “Request Price” for the first product you are interested in, you can choose “Add Products” and continue to browse selecting others. When you have finished click on “Send Request”.

I have sent a quotation request but have not received an answer.
What must I do?

First check that our quotation is not in “Spam”.
If you do not receive a reply within 4-5 working days, please contact us again at [email protected] specifying the product you are interested in and the town/city of delivery. If it is the first time you are requesting a quotation, check you have written your e-mail correctly otherwise you will not receive an answer!

To furnish a complete environment can I request a special quotation?
If you need to furnish your house, office, hotel or shop, please contact us to request a personalized quotation. Write to [email protected] or call us on (0039).0744.1925400. If you prefer, leave your number and we will call you back at your earliest convenience.

I have already received a quotation and wish to purchase. What must I do?
To proceed with the purchase you must provide us with billing and delivery details. You will then receive an order form with all the data of the chosen items (description, price, technical sheet, pictures and finishings, etc.), indicating payment modalities, our bank details for the down payment and all our sales conditions.

What are the methods of payment?
To proceed with the purchase we require 50% of the total amount upon order confirmation and 50% when the goods are ready for shipment. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card (only personally at our showroom) or financing (only personally at our showroom).

I would like to proceed with the purchase but I am not quite sure. Can you reassure me?
If you are not sure about purchasing from us, we can give you real feedback from our customers in your area, with the possibility of contacting them!

Are the products on your website authentic?
Tomassini Arredamenti only deals in authentic products, shipped in their original packaging including guarantee and certificate of authenticity.


How do I know when the goods will be delivered?
You will always be kept updated by email concerning your order, and when the goods are ready at our warehouse we will contact you for the delivery. 

What are the supplementary wooden crates?
Before carrying out an international delivery, after quality control, apart from the manufacturer's standard packaging (usually in polystyrene and cardboard), we make supplementary wooden crates to guarantee maximum protection. 

What happens if what I ordered arrives broken?
If the goods are damaged upon arrival, an insurance policy, which is always included in our deliveries, guarantee their substitution.

What happens if what arrives is not what I ordered?
Before shipping we always carry out quality control and order conformity. However, if you should receive something different to what you ordered, we will substitute it with no extra cost.

How much are customs and taxes for an international shipping to my country?
Every country has different costs. When you decide to buy from us we will provide you with the contact details of our forwarding agent in your zone, so you can evaluate the exact cost of customs and taxes. For some countries we are also able to calculate and pay these costs directly for you, providing an All Inclusive service (DDP – Delivered Duty Paid).
What does Ex-works (EXW) delivery mean?
If you have received our quotation with Ex-works delivery, this means the price we have stated only refers to the goods. Collecting the items directly from our warehouse, you will be responsible for the loading and transport of goods (costs and risks) and any extra costs (customs, taxes, duties, etc...).
What does C.I.F. delivery mean?
C.I.F. stands for Cost, Insurance and Freight. If you have received our quotation with port (or airport) C.I.F. delivery, this means the price we have stated includes the goods, as well as transport from our warehouse to the port (or airport) indicated. You will be responsible for delivery from there until your address (costs and risks), and any extra costs (customs, taxes, duties, etc...).
What does D.A.P. delivery mean?
D.A.P. stands for Delivery At Place. If you have received our quotation with D.A.P. delivery, this means the price we have stated includes the goods, as well as transport to the street level of your address. You will only be responsible for any extra costs (customs, taxes, duties, etc. in those countries where applicable).
What does D.D.P. delivery mean?
D.D.P. stands for Delivered Duty Paid. If you have received our quotation with D.D.P. delivery, this means the price we have stated includes: the goods, transport to the street level of your address, and custom costs (customs, duties, etc...). You will be solely responsible for paying local fees: each country has its own percentage rate (this information can be found at your local customs office).
Can you deliver inside my house?
This is possible only in Italy, prior to request upon purchasing, while all international deliveries are only to street level and the customer must provide the transporter assistance for unloading any bulky articles. 

Do you send articles in the same order separately?
If the order includes several articles, unless otherwise agreed when purchasing, only one shipment is foreseen, which will take place after all the items have arrived at the warehouse and after quality control.
Can you lower the invoice value for customs purposes?
No, I'm afraid we can't. This is illegal!